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The 300 Savage is a historic and versatile centerfire rifle cartridge that has earned a cult following among hobbyists and hunters. This guide will explore everything you need to know about 300 Savage ammo, from its origins and ballistics to recommended loads and rifles. Discover why this unassuming round continues to win over new fans today.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 300 Savage ammo is a classic hunting cartridge that was introduced in 1920 by Savage Arms.
  • It has a rimless, bottlenecked case that measures 1.871 inches in length and 0.473 inches in diameter at the base.
  • It can fire bullets ranging from 100 to 200 grains, with a typical muzzle velocity of 2,600 to 2,800 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 1,900 to 2,600 foot-pounds.
  • It has a flat trajectory and a moderate recoil, making it suitable for medium to large game animals, such as deer, elk, and bear.
  • It can be used in various rifles, lever-actions, and bolt-actions, such as the Savage Model 99, the Remington Model 81, and the Ruger American Rifle.
  • It is still widely available and affordable, with many reputable brands and models to choose from, such as Hornady, Federal, Remington, and Winchester.
  • It is a versatile and reliable cartridge that has earned the respect and admiration of many hunters and shooters over the years.

History and Origins of the 300 Savage

300 Savage was originally designed by Charles Newton and made its commercial debut in 1920. Marketed by Savage Arms, the goal was to offer a high-velocity round capable of taking larger game like elk, moose, and bear.

Initially loaded with 150gr bullets at velocities of 2,700 fps, the 300 Savage achieved a notable improvement over the popular .30-30 Winchester. It quickly earned a reputation as a hard-hitting round for lever action rifles.

Over the years, new loads expanded the versatility of the 300 Savage. Today it lives on as an outstanding medium game hunting cartridge known for accuracy, moderate recoil, and excellent terminal performance.

Ballistics and Performance

The 300 Savage launches .308″ diameter bullets at modest velocities, offering a very usable balance of power, recoil, and versatility:

  • Common bullet weights range from 150 to 180 grains
  • Muzzle velocities are approximately 2,400 to 2,700 fps depending on bullet weight and barrel length.
  • Muzzle energy ranges from 2,040 to 2,700 ft-lbs.

This level of ballistics makes the 300 Savage an excellent short to medium range hunting cartridge for game up to elk size. It has relatively mild recoil and yet delivers energy comparable to more popular rounds like the 30-06 Springfield. Accuracy is typically excellent as well.

In lever action carbines with 18-20″ barrels, the 150-160gr loads are especially nice. They strike a fun balance of power and easy shooting that makes the 300 Savage very enjoyable to shoot.

300 Savage vs. 308 Winchester

The 300 Savage and 308 Winchester are fairly similar in performance and application. A few key differences:

  • The 300 Savage can push heavier 180gr bullets a little faster.
  • The 308 has a wider selection of factory loads available.
  • The 308 works better in short barrel rifles due to its lower friction case design.
  • The 300 Savage has slightly less recoil thanks to its lower pressure limits.
  • The 300 Savage is capable of excellent accuracy from lever action rifles.

Both are great medium game hunting rounds. The 308 Winchester has more commercial success today but the 300 Savage maintains an enthusiastic following.


Cartridge Bullet Weight Muzzle Velocity Muzzle Energy
300 Savage 150gr 2,690 fps 2,350 ft-lbs
308 Winchester 150gr 2,820 fps 2,648 ft-lbs

The 300 Savage performs very well in both bolt action and lever action rifles. Some great options include:

Bolt Action Rifles

  • Savage Model 110
  • Remington Model 700
  • Ruger American Rifle
  • Tikka T3x

Lever Action Rifles

  • Savage Model 99
  • Marlin Model 1895
  • Winchester Model 1894

The 300 Savage pairs especially well with the classic Savage Model 99 lever gun. It’s also become a popular choice to rebarrel old sporter Mauser actions into.

With proper load development, excellent accuracy is obtainable from any quality barrel. Many shooters report 1 MOA or better.

Factory Loaded Ammunition Options

Factory loaded 300 Savage ammo is produced by major brands like Remington, Winchester, and Federal. There are a range of bullet weights and styles available:

  • 150gr: This is the most common weight for factory loads, offering a versatile balance of velocity and energy. Often features pointed soft point hunting bullets.
  • 165gr – 170gr: Great for moderate velocity with high ballistic coefficients. Features round nose or spitzer boattail bullets.
  • 180gr – 220gr: On the heavy end for lever action use. Provides extra oomph for large game. Bullets are often round nose flat points or soft points.

Popular selections include:

  • Remington Core-Lokt 150gr PSP
  • Winchester Power-Point 170gr SP
  • Federal Fusion 165gr Spitzer BT
  • Hornady Custom Lite 150gr SST

It’s a good idea to test a few different loads to see what your particular rifle prefers. Match the right bullet to your intended uses.

Handloading the 300 Savage

Handloaders can get even more performance out of the 300 Savage by fine tuning loads for their specific rifle. Some great bullet options include:

  • 150gr – 160gr spitzers: Nosler Partition, Speer Hot-Cor, Hornady SST, Sierra GameKing
  • 170gr – 180gr: Nosler Accubond, Hornady Interlock, Speer Hot-Cor
  • 200gr+: Sierra Pro-Hunter, Woodleigh Weldcore, Swift A-Frame

Both H4831 and IMR4064 are excellent propellants in the 300 Savage. Reloaders should work up to maximum charges cautiously, avoiding pressures above 45,000 PSI.

Other handloading tips:

  • Trim brass to 2.035″ to optimize case capacity
  • Standard Large Rifle primers work beautifully
  • Neck size only for target shooting and lever actions
  • Full length resize for most hunting applications
  • Overall length: 2.600″ to 2.650″ for most bullets

The 300 Savage responds very well to the precision and flexibility of handloading. Doing so enables you to customize your ammunition and maximize the accuracy of your rifle.

Typical Uses and Applications

With its versatile ballistics and moderate recoil, the 300 Savage handles a wide variety of hunting tasks excellently:

Medium Game: Perfect for deer, hogs, black bear, antelope, and similar sized game at normal hunting ranges. Provides excellent energy transfer and penetration.

Large Game: Very capable on elk, moose, caribou, and large bears given proper shot placement and bullets. Performs similar to the 30-06 in this application.

Brushing and Timber Hunting: Fast handling lever action carbines shine when hunting whitetails in thick cover across the eastern US. The Model 99 is a classic for this role.

Target Shooting: Provides great fun and performance in accurate bolt action rifles. The mild recoil and excellent barrel life extend shooting sessions.

The 300 Savage serves hunters exceptionally well today, just as it did a century ago when it was introduced. It’s truly one of the most versatile and enjoyable medium-bore cartridges of all time.

Customer Reviews and Experiences with 300 Savage Ammo

The 300 Savage has won over many fans with its attractive balance of power, accuracy, and enjoyable shooting qualities. Here are some first-hand reviews:

Great Woods Gun

“I hunt whitetails in the thick forests of the northeast with a Marlin 336 in 300 Savage. The 150gr Core-Lokts have plenty of power for deer sized game while handling fast in the heavy bush. It’s easy to carry and has way less recoil than a 308 or 30-06.”

Tack Driver

“My Savage Model 10 bolt action in 300 Savage will shoot sub-MOA groups all day long. I’ve taken it to 500 yards and can consistently ring steel plates. The recoil is very mild compared to other .30 caliber magnums.”

Fun Old Lever Gun

“My grandad left me his old Savage 99 lever action in 300 Savage that he hunted with for decades. I loaded up some 170gr soft points and it’s pure enjoyment to shoot and great on deer. The accuracy is excellent too, much better than I expected from an old lever gun.”

Meat Hauler

“On a moose hunt last fall I used a 300 Savage in a custom Mauser rifle. The 180gr handloads performed flawlessly and anchored a huge bull moose at 250 yards. The moderate recoil allowed quick follow up shots. It’s an underrated caliber that hits way above its class.”

Frequently Asked Questions About 300 Savage Ammo

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about this classic hunting cartridge:

Q: Is the 300 Savage still a good hunting round compared to modern cartridges?

A: Definitely! It has moderate recoil, excellent terminal performance, and versatile application on medium and large game. The 300 Savage has successfully harvested generations of big game and remains just effective as ever.

Q: How does the 300 Savage compare to the 30-30 Winchester?

A: The 300 Savage shoots flatter and hits harder thanks to its higher velocity. It effectively bridges the gap between the 30-30 and more powerful magnum rounds.

Q: Is factory ammo available for the 300 Savage?

A: Yes, major manufacturers like Remington, Winchester, and Federal still produce 300 Savage factory ammo loaded with 150-180 grain bullets. Supply is not as abundant as more popular rounds but it is still manufactured.

Q: What barrel length do you need to achieve full velocity from the 300 Savage?

A: In bolt action rifles, 22 to 24 inches is ideal to reach the full potential of the cartridge. Lever guns perform well with 18-20″ barrels. The 300 Savage is not as sensitive to barrel length as some other magnum cartridges.

Q: Is handloading necessary for the 300 Savage?

A: Handloading can maximize its performance, especially in terms of accuracy. But the 300 Savage performs admirably with quality factory ammunition as well. Handloading gives you more flexibility in bullet selection and the ability to fine tune for your rifle.

Q: What game is the 300 Savage suitable for hunting?

A: It’s an excellent all-around medium game cartridge, perfectly suitable for deer, hogs, black bear, antelope, and more. With proper bullet selection and shot placement, it can tackle large game like elk, moose, and brown bear.


Few historic cartridges retain the popularity of the excellent 300 Savage. With over 100 years of successful hunting under its belt, this versatile medium-bore continues winning over fans. Tried and true 300 Savage ammunition delivers outstanding accuracy, terminal performance, moderate recoil, and incredible versatility for the hunter. This balanced cartridge still deserves a place in every shooter’s battery today.

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